Together with our customers, we develop plastic material appropriate pieces and thereby we are including your wishes and requirements. 

In the bidding phase, we already try to advise our customers in a forward-looking and precised way. Through Simultaneous Engineering we can bring in our long-standing experience and thereby we shorten the time to the market entry of a new product.  

In case, it appears necessary to us, before we start making a tool, we use simultation programs for filling studies or default studies.  
We are steadily in communication with our raw material suppliers and their experts and we do not shy away from asking them for advice. Plastics are innovation raw materials and permanent new plastics with additional or improved characteristics appear on the market. Company Bock is always informed about news in the plastic producing industry thanks to its excellent contact persons. Therefore such news on the raw material sector are going to be discussed in the development of new plastic components. Also, with the help of constructions and drawings we discuss possible material combinations, weight reductions, sink mark fields and we are implementing ideas. 

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